Notes: From the discourses of Shaykh Ahmad Dabbagh

Living after Ramadan, Dawah Seminar #9

Itkhaf dawah seminar #9

Notes from “knowing the path to Allah & conveying it to others, series 2011”

29th August 2011

The signs and indications to know if you have had a successful Ramadan.

For those who cannot reap the rewards in a favourable environment where his profits will be for every 1 reward he will get equal to 70. Then he will not attain this after Ramadan. When the competition will be much higher and more stiffer. – as they (the shaitan) will be competing with you to put you out of business. – to take you out of the fold of islam or make you lose your iman eventually.
– if you want the closeness of Allah then you will have to do something which you have never done before
“if you want something you never had. Then you have do something you never did”! –

Signs of a successful Ramadan:

1) the sincerity, Steadfastness and the continuity of sunnah. – If you have this, then know this is a good sign.
2) struggles and maintenance of the sunnah.
3) be strong in sunnah in the face of shaitan’s thunder of attacks and the stones of thoughts. 4) achieve a stable heart, mind and soul
5) to reach a level of stableness in islam so that you can continue to fight after Ramadan
6) those who gain the energy and accumalte the closeness of the power of Allah. – Can take on any criticism.
7) they shall have no fear as they relay on Allah.
8 ) many people lose the little bit of taqwa they achieved in ramadan lose it in the night of eid. – this night is the night of reward. They become poor in terms to having good deeds.
9) accumulate the wealth of Ramadan and wear the clock of good deeds after Ramadan aswell. – when the trials will be hard.
10) many people have passed, some have not even entered it. Some have heard it. However only a few have really entered Ramadan. So, be the one’s who gains the jewels and not the one’s who lose it. Ramadan is the example of living very month as though it’s Ramadan, and not only one month.
11) when a person has established the true essence of Ramadan all his life then a person has attained the true ways of the beloved messenger (saw). – For the companions it was Ramadan All year round.
12) start building the sunnah – the palace of sunnah. By the end of Ramadan you should have a palace of sunnah/ the friendship of the closeness of Allah. – Sincerity is the roof of the palace.
– Steadfastness is the cement of the house of sunnah. The more bricks of sunnah you use to build the bigger the palace will be.

The saying of sultan fath:
“If you serve the body of others you will rule over their hearts.” – do dawah by good character and service to creation.
Living after Ramadan Dawah Seminar #9.pdf
Servant of Allah.

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