Notes: From the discourses of Shaykh Ahmad Dabbagh

The only way to have peace

The only way to attain peace

28th night of Ramadan

28th August 2011

The only way to have peace.

The heart is given to us by the almighty. So, this means that the true person who only deserves our heart is Allah the almighty.
He is The person who has given us the heart. This is where we will find our peace. No matter in what we try and look to find peace and tranquility we will not find it. Rather we find people who have attached their hearts to others, rather than Allah have either commited suicide, become depressed or some other disastrous illness has come upon them. Only when we submit our hearts to Allah we will find this is were our peace of mind, heart and soul. This is why those who have completely given their hearts to Allah are in success and peace, of this world and the hereafter. Even of these people are living in huts made of clay are happy and peaceful.The person who has remembered is the one who has remembered Allah.
Allah (swt) informs us that all the things we are after in the dunya to find peace, tranquility and happiness will not give us anything. Only under the remembrance of Allah we will find peace and success.
This is why the men of wisdom and the truth are full of peace and tranquil. Despite many of them being poor and destitute they are nonetheless happy. A person also feels inclined to the righteousness of the individual.
– sura infitar is a perfect example of how Allah is trying to put some sense into us. Telling us, “why are you going after dead things when I will be able to give you what you want even better than this”.
The humans must elevate himself above the animalistic traits of only eating, sleeping, having relations, and reliving. There is no beauty in this at all. Anyone who dies thus only doing this will be severely asked after death
– “why did you only do this. When Allah gave you more than the animalistic traits only. He gave you an intellect by which you should have known Allah (swt)!”

Syyidina Ali (ra) said: there are six conditions when the repentance is accepted- 1) there must be complete remorse for what you are/were doing.
2) complete the missed obligations of islam. I.e the missed Salah, unpaid zakat etc.
3) if you have violated the rights of anyone then ask forgiveness from that person. Try and fulfill all their rights
4) just like you were drenched in evil sins and environment like this you must now indulge your body, mind, heart and soul in good things. Just like you enjoyed the sins and took pleasure in it. Now do good deeds excessively, – that it will be like a recompense for the disobedience.
5) just as in the evil you decorated your body, house, wealth with evil things like the desings and memories of the pop stars football stars etc. Now, change this into the sunnah of the beloved.
6) change your laughs which you used to do in the gatherings of the evil ones into the weeping of those who repent and are close to Allah and his beloved.

Continuation of the 50 questions going to be asked on the day of judgement:

….then the following questions asked to the servant by Allah directly will be regarding arrogance.
Of those who were drenched in this evil trait will have to answer before Allah as to why they tried to partake in the ‘jalal’ quality of Allah.
Those who say “o don’t worry we know more how to live our lives… You don’t have to tell me how to live my life!”
Allah will ask the arrogant individual about his attitudes and now he will have to answer! For a 1000 years a person will have to answer with very fearsome angels standing side by side. Near h

– imam sharani – the great friend of Allah said that even the devil works behind the veil. With no one knowing who he really is and how he works. Yet we are very arrogant and show off our good deeds to others. With intent that we become well known. – Astagfirullah!

Next will be questions regarding of a persons plans of the dunya. What he/she plans.
– Allah (swt) says that beware and be careful of the hidden plan of Allah. As no one knows what the final end will be. A person can be doing the works of paradise but dies as a person of hellfire! So be careful every-time of what you are doing.

The next set of questions will be wether we fulfilled the rights of our neighbours or not. If we are successful then we will move to the next phase.

Thereafter will be the stations where people will be made to hear the sermon of the devil, the bridge of seerat which every human will have to cross.

The only way to have peace.pdf
Servant of Allah.

By ServantofAlMalik

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