Dawah Seminar #5

Itkhaf dawah seminar #5

Notes from “knowing the path to Allah & conveying it to others, series 2011”

25th August 2011

The sins of the eyes, Tongue, stomach and the private parts – continuing on with the Miraj of the Muslim.

1) A saliq (seeker) who is on the path to Allah should abstain from looking at things which are even mukruh! Now, what to say about unlawful gazes. This ruling also applies to people who have visions of the unseen world. It is recommended that the seeker does not delve into looking at visions to much. we learn from the incident during the Miraj of the prophet (saw). At one point the devil came and posed as a old man and called on the prophet (saw). Gibrail (as) told the prophet (saw) not to even reply the Salam to the old man or look at him. Later, during the journey gibrail (as) told the prophet (saw) that, that old man was the shaitan posing as a old man.

*to the people who see angels/pious people/prophets/ even the beloved prophet (saw). Must know that shaitan mislead many people who are into dreams and visions. as the devil can come in a pious form and cause you to believe in things which are not in the shaiyrah by saying things which seemingly makes the haram, halal
* although the prophet (saw) said the devil cannot take his form. But, this does not mean the devil cannot come in the form of someone else and say he is the prophet (saw).
Now, the guidance here for these people who have visions and dreams. Is that they should check their dream with the description of the prophet (saw) in the books. If the dream matches the descriptions mentioned in the books. Then it is a good dream. If it does not, then know that it is a shaitanic dream. – this is how the people with no shaykh should do. However, those with a shaykh should inform his/her shaykh and he will verify if the dream if it is genuine. – only a true shaykh will do this.

2) secondly, the devil will also come through your family and friends sometimes. When he knows that you will not fall for a trick. So how will you know if they have become the mouth pieces of shaitan or not? Answer:
This is, if they say anything against the shariyah, sunnah or against the awliyah intentionally or unintentionally. Then know that at that point they have become the mouth pieces of shaitain.
– A golden rule: if you are in a situation and cannot save yourself from a sin. Then you should only do as much as you can. Then seek forgiveness from Allah whislt doing so. For example: if you are in a restaurant and they are playing music. Then seek forgiveness from Allah and do not take pleasure from the sin.
When for example, there are two products in which product A is 100% haram. Whereas product B is 10% haram then go for the lesser of the harams.
A person who is on the path to Allah should also avoid the things which are on the borderline of being haram and halal. – This should not be done for those who suffer from doubt problems frequently. They should ignore the trival issues like doubting if their bread is halal or not. In stead focus on the bigger issues like praying 5 times prayer, Etc.
Dawah Seminar #5.pdf
Servant of Allah.

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