Notes: From the discourses of Shaykh Ahmad Dabbagh

50 questions asked to every individual on the day of Judgement part 4

25th night of Ramadan

25th august 2011

Notes from the discourse on:
50 Questions to be asked to every individual. Part 4

The companions said to the prophet (saw) you are not to old yet you have some white hairs. You look older than your age because of these hairs – why us this o beloved of the beloved?
To this the beloved (saw) replied it is because of the suras which mention the day of judgement, life after death.
SubhanAllah Imagine! The best of creation is such that his blessed hairs are turned white because of the fear. It is said that the pregnant women will have a miscarriage on the day when childrens hair will become grey. Why?
Simply because of the severity of that day. On that day, people will be in total madness! Allah (swt) goes on to say that this will because of the pain and the struggle of that day.

– The people who have not received the messenge of islam. They will complain on the day of judgement that they did not receive the message. Allah the almighty will accept their excuses and they will then be tested. Whilst for us the day of judgement will be happening, they will be going through the test and then they will be judged thereafter.
– It is a point to note: why did allah mention that the pregnant woman will lose her weight? Secondly, why is there constant reference to the family ties braking in the day of judgement?
It is because the prophet (saw) said: nearing the day of judgement. People will do anything to please their family. When the wife will complain that she has not got this or that. The husband hearing this day and night will one day get fed up
and not not look at the right and wrongs of earning, but will do anything to please her. Basically, people will destroy their hereafter for the lives of other people. On the day of judgement people will see how foolish they were. When they destroyed their life for family, friends etc. What a frightful day that will be!!

Once, In the life of Hazrat kabir Ahmad rifai (ra) a great friend of Allah there was a dog who fell Ill. It had a very ugly illness on it. As a result the dog was expelled to the forest by the people.
Shaykh kabir Ahmad rifai (ra) went to the forest looking for that dog. He cared for it for fourth days. Feeding it, oiling it etc. when it cured, him and the dog then re-entered the city of bagdad. When the people saw him they realised how much mistake they had done. He (Hazrat kabir Ahmad rifai (ra)) said: achieving the friendship of Allah cannot be attained by giving a hardtime to Allahs’ creation. you must do compassion on the creation of Allah if you want the pleasure of Allah and his closeness – this is how you attain the closeness to Allah. Not by harming them! If the men of Allah were like this with the animals imagine how they must be with normal humans. They love the servants of Allah.

Continued part 4:
(now we arrive at the station in which the individual is standing direct in front of Allah).
The first part will be where a human will be called in front of Allah. We will be interviewed on a one on one basis! No angel in-between us and Allah.
1) 1st type of people whom will be asked are those who had slaves. If they were fair (good) to him/her (the slave). If the Owner did well with them. They will be moved to the next question. Then Allah, at that state will ask about the Quran. If we read the Quran or not. – if the rights of The Quran were fulfilled or not.
If he manages to answer these two questions successfully. He will be moved to the court of another scene in front of Allah. (again the scene on that day is beyond words and comprehension)
Here the person will be asked if he/she did any effort for the propagation of Islam or not. To be continued…

Servant of Allah.

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