Notes: From the discourses of Shaykh Ahmad Dabbagh

Having the firm conviction to change!

13th August 2011

Notes from the 23rd night of ramadan discourse.

Having firm conviction to change.

On the plain of Hasr (judgement day) we will be stopped for several reasons. Some will be stopped because of their weaknesses in sleep. That is because of over sleeping, people miss the salah. Others miss or intentionally do not carry out the obligations of islam. That is avoiding the haram. The are others who will be stopped because of their unlawful relationship with women/men.

*(on a side note – no matter how
many times you listen to the beauty and instructions of islam, you will NEVER change if you do not have the intention to change!)
Shaitan heard the words of Allah directly when he was instructed to bow down in front to prophet (Adam) and did not manage to take heed and change from his arrogant state to a humble one – accepting the command of Allah. So, know that if you do not intend to change from your evil state to the good one. You will not benefit from listening to lectures after lectures of islam!

50 points/stations of questions on the day of judgement: (continued)

On station 13 check point: people will be checked wether they payed/ fulfilled the rights of Allah or not.
If they payed zakah etc they will be the ones who will pass and go to the next stage.

Station 14: is where people will be asked if they lived truthfully or not. Did we forgive people who asked forgiveness from us? Irrespective if we were right or wrong.

Station 15: on this check point people will be held to account as to wether they did dawah or not. Those who did and were engaged in dawah and tableegh day and night will pass this phase of the test easily and progress on to the next stage.

Stage 16: on this phase people will be stopped and checked as to wether or not they enjoined the good and forbade the evil. (Amar bil Maruf)

Station 17: for those who saved themselves from the temptation of sins.they will go through very easily to the next stage.

Station 18: the type of qwstions are at this phase will be “what did you do in terms of doing things for Allah. Did you hate for Allah and did you love for Allah’s sake only. Or was it for your own ego”?

Station 20: will be where people will be asked about their earnings. Did a person eat from the halal earnings or haram?

At station 21: is where people will be questioned about sins of tongue and sins of the private parts. Those of us (and there are many of us here) will be stopped here unfortunately as we do not care wether we are sinning or not. The prophet (saw) said – a person who can give me the guarantee that he/she will not commit sins with either of the Tongue and Private Parts. I guarantee him paradise. This is telling us that to control these two organs of the body from sins are and will be very hard. Those who will have the good news from the Habib! Where as those, like us will be stopped at this questioning station and will have to suffer and endure the unbearable torture!
Having the firm conviction to change!.pdf
Servant of Allah.

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