Notes: From the discourses of Shaykh Ahmad Dabbagh

The 50 daunting questions one will be asked on the day of judgement.

Notes from the 22nd night of Ramadan.

“The 50 daunting questions each person will be asked on the day of judgement”
It begins in the sura fathiha. In which during the middle ayahs, he (swt) says he is the master of the day of judgement. Today we do whatever we want however on that day we will not be able to move if Allah does not allows us to. It is on that day Allah will judge what we did. – this is what the whole Quran is preparing us for. The day of judgement.
Everything from; the sending of the prophets to the reasons why we should abstain from sins, are all for the preparation for that day. That day will not be a easy day! If we look we see that people who have 90+ years in this world tend to wish to commit suicide as they cannot bare the pains that comes with old age. What to say about that day Which is 50,000 years long!!

[continuing from yesterdays biyan]
we will be stopped 50 times at least on the day of judgement where we will be asked questions before we are allowed to go from one stage of questioning to the other. Like here in this world we see how they check (in the airport) your visa if you are entering a foreign country. They check many documents etc. Imagine that day and what will happen. -the successful one is not the one who has attained great wealth and power here in this world. But, the one who has attained success on the day of judgement.

Imam sharani (ra) a great saint mentions that the prophet (saw) does not want us to enter hellfire. So we should listen to his advices and the commands and prohibitions of islam. He (imam sharani) says to the pious ones that do not be deceived in thinking that your good deeds will take you to paradise. Instead have hope that you will only attain success if you are constant in doing tawbah. – by this people (you and me) will be greeted by the angels and we will have the good news of the hereafter. He says if you cannot bare the prescribed deeds of your shaykh. (the amals he prescribes you to do) then know you will not be able to bare the punishment of the hereafter. As you should know that his harsh treatments are for your training and purification reasons. You should have a shaykh of whos instructions and criticisms you should be able to bare. The trait of the real shaykhs from the false one’s are:
1) He will show you your weakness. Do not be deceived in having a fake and false shaykh – those who do not show you your weaknesses and faults. A car which is taken to the garage is shown where the faults lay with the car. The mechanic will not just say your car is fine, but rather try and fix it. This example is like the real shaykh who will show you your mistakes. He will hold you to account even for small sins! The real shaykh will show you how your sincere tawbah will help you attain salvation. If however you are struggling despite trying and trying, he will make dua’s after duas for your success. And will make you aware of what is to come in the hereafter.

– The first questioning time is when you get up from your grave. At the door of your grave. People will stand for thousand of years, hungry, thirsty at the doors of your graveyards/graves where you will be questioned. Those who will wake up having belief in Allah, his rasul and the six articles of faith will pass this questioning. First questions will be on your beliefs. If you had the correct belief or not.

– The second phase and station in which a person will be asked question is no the plain of judgement. These sets of questions will be for those who practiced in black magic etc. Here people will be separated from those who committed KUFR and shirk! – By the questioning. The people who will have the love of Allah and his rasul and practiced on their knowledge will be allowed to go to the next stage

– In the third questioning all light will be extinguished. People will be asked questions in that state. Here questions will be asked as to how they lived their lives. If they lived by the instructions of islam. If people payed their zakat. Were they happy with the will of Allah on them etc. Those who pass will go from the darkened phase of the day of judgement into the light once more.

– The fourth questions will be asked in great, fearful halls (rooms) of severe torments. In there people will be asked about their earnings in terms of halal and haram. If a person has not done anything haram he will be allowed to pass.

– the 5/6th station will be where questions will be asked regarding one’s nafs. Did he live according to his nafs or Allah’s laws. How he interacted with others etc.
Like this imam sharani (ra) continues on mentioning all the 50 stages of questioning. InshaAllah it will be covered in the near future.
Servant of Allah.

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