Notes: From the discourses of Shaykh Ahmad Dabbagh

Dawah seminar #2

Itkhaf dawah seminar #2

Notes from “knowing the path to Allah & conveying it to others, series 2011”

The function of having the correct beliefs (Aqeedah)

22nd August 2011

In surat al Alak we find that Allah (swt) is our well wisher – as he says in the Sura, o humans what has deluded you? Reference being made here of only humans. Allah is saying to us that, how did the world manage to deceive us when he (swt) has the best wishes for us in his knowledge. Then we learn from the following ayahs he (swt) still does not force anyone to accept his message. Moreover he says it’s upto you to choose and decide if you want to come to Allah.
Allah (swt) says the dunya is the lowest thing. The word ‘dunya’ comes from ‘adna’ which means lowly. – Allah (swt) does certains acts which are his sunnah.
1) He gives dawah to the humans
2) and he sends Salams (peace) to the prophet.
He does not pray, nor does he give zakah etc. He is above these aspects. Allah (swt) invites us to the house of Salam (peace). This is the highest level of paradise. – this is the jewel of jannahtul fardous.
When we see khalid Ibn waleed (ra) there are great lessons we can learn, which are of how if one keeps a good character, (even if people reject your message) they will still come to you eventually. Even if they do not accept your message they will come to you only because of your character. This what khalid Ibn waleed (ra) did with the prophet (saw). He knew the akhlaq of the prophet (saw) before and after the prophethood that is was upright and just. That’s what pulled to islam.

As humans, we were created for Allah. We were made to be his khalifah on earth. However the question is are we really his khalifah? Or have we become the khalifah of shaitan?

-The function of having the correct beliefs is to create the thirst in a person. The beliefs are tools which equip a person with the tools we need to create a thirst in our selves and others. It starts with

1) belief in Allah – this tells us not to believe in false gods and instead believe in the one true Allah.

2) the angels – believing in angels means that do not believe in the shaitanic forces as they cannot do anything. Allah has given them (the angels) the possession of many powers. Like taking the souls is given to isreal (ra) and the power to distribute Rizq (wealth) to the creation is given to israfil (as). To help people stop from believing in the false witch doctors and magicians.

3) on beliefs in the books. – what does this mean? It means we as humans should lift our minds, hearts and beliefs from other books such as those books written by so called expects. Which contradict the divinely revealed books.

4) belief in messengers; this tells us not to believe in others who are falsh and astray or make them as our role models like pop – stars and football stars

5) to have belief in the day of judgement: to have hope for that day and get ready for it. Not to look for today!

6) belief in pre – destination. To have firm conviction in Allah’s will and knowledge. This means we should not lose hope or become reliant on creation for support or look to them for it. Secondly, not lose hope when the creation turns us down.

(continuation from the miraaj of the muslim).
After Gibrail (as) awoke the prophet (saw) he took him – the prophet (saw) to the hateem and gave him water of zamzam.
In relation to us, after you have awoken him/her from the deep sleep of heedlessness take him to an environment in which he has the chance to move away from the evil environment he was in and to that of a good one. Once he is free from his evil environment give him the knowledge of the objective of life (the water of zamzam). – This is the pleasure of Allah. As the one who has Allah, he has everything. As the one who loses Allah he has lost everything as noone can give you a irreplaceable thing. Only Allah is the one who can give that thing. How Can this (the objective of the pleasure) be achieved?
This (the pleasure of Allah) can be attained by:

1) giving the preference of the command of Allah over other commands and instructions.

2) by following and giving the preference of the sunnah of the messenger of Allah (saw) over others.

3) having compassion on the creation of Allah.
– one type of compassion is making and looking after the worldly needs of the creation.
– second type of compassion is making sure and trying to take/save people from the poverty of the hereafter. Which is being in hell.

4) doing all the above with the constant remembrance of Allah that he is watching you, with you, and hearing you.
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Servant of Allah.

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