Notes: From the discourses of Shaykh Ahmad Dabbagh

Living by the promise (covenant) we made to Allah

21st night of Ramadan

21st August 2011

Notes from the discourse on the 21st night of Ramadan.

Living by our promise (covenant) we made with Allah.

Many people will go to hellfire because of others. Not because they will be forced to follow them but because they (the people) will follow the pop-stars, astray leaders will-fully. Whilst there are others will follow the opinions and views of their families. When they are asked or will be asked “why are you following the opinions and views of the evil one’s?” They will and do say “we cannot bare their criticism and harsh treatments from our families”. These people should know the punishment of Allah is far more severe! It is said that many people from the Awam (general public) will be stopped 50 times on their way to paradise or before their judgement begins. If we use the example of hajj. We learn and see how people prepare for the journey. They make sure they have the sufficient money etc. Similarly we should make out preparations for that day. On that day people will face such harsh treatment they would melt if they face them here (in this dunya)

One such punishment for the evil one’s are they will eat their own brains and kidneys because of the severe heat. Allah (swt) says regarding these people that they will greatly be remorseful on that day. Saying “if only we acted and followed the ways of the prophet (saw). We were deluded and followed the false and astray people, the worldly leaders, pop-stars etc.”
To help us, allah (swt) has already told us what we will face. The one’s who have passed away they will no longer benefit from these ayahs and advices. People who followed the false and evil people will say to Allah “oAllah punish the one’s who we followed with twice as much punishment as they lead us astray”. Allah will in return say to the angels “get both of them and punish them both”. – the one’s who followed and the leaders.

After dealing with the one’s who will
face the wrath of Allah. He (swt) then tells of what will happen to the successful ones’. Allah (swt) then tells us how they will be successful. This is by acting and living by the covenant which we took in the world of the sprits. Which was, we said to Allah we will obey and accept him (Allah) as our lord whilst living by his laws and instructions. It is because of this covenant which we took we will either be successful or fail. Many people don’t want to go to hell but they will because of things like peer pressure and family pressure – they will do anything to please the parents/family – wife etc. If they are told to get anything try will do so, and not consider if it’s halal or haram.

Living by the promise (covenant) we made to Allah.pdf
Servant of Allah.

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