Notes: From the discourses of Shaykh Ahmad Dabbagh

The respects of the masjids

20th night of Ramadan

20th August 2011

Notes from the discourse of the 20th night of Ramadan

In relation to the story of luckam (ra) and his advice to his son.

The respects of the masjid

We learn from one instance of the life of luckman (ra) is that he said to his son. “O son when you interact and talk, then do so in a normal manner. Don’t raise your voice to much. Talk to one another in a good manner. Especially when you intend to talk in the mosque”. – be extra careful not to raise your voice in the house of Allah. Allah (swt) likens people who raise their voice to much to that of donkeys. No one likes to hear their (the donkey’s) voices when they yearn. The people who raise their voices in the masjids are cursed by the angels after telling them off three times. The angels curse a individual on the third instance when they continue to talk loudly in the masjid.

Lastly, there are instances where people can be deceived in relation to knowing Allah. Now what is meant by this? imam Hasan al basri said this is meant that people who are living their lives in complete rebellion to the laws of Allah and yet still have an shaitanic thought they will be forgiven and enter paradise as a result. Basically those people who have false hope in the forgiveness d Allah, without doing or using the means of forgiveness to attain forgiveness from Allah. Secondly, Allah says, the knowledge regarding the day of judgement is only known to Allah. Likewise, our death is also only known to Allah. So this (our deaths) are OUR judgement day. The other one is the judgement day for the whole of humanity.
Allah (swt) tells the humanity/you and me to be ready for death at any situations and all instances. Whenever the call of death comes we should be ready! No one knows except those whom Allah wants to tell, where you are going to die. When we die we will then only realise our precious chance we had in the world. If we had the chance to pray two units of prayer in the world again we would do anything. Like many of those who have left the dunya do now.
The respects of the masjids.pdf
Servant of Allah.

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