Notes: From the discourses of Shaykh Ahmad Dabbagh

Submitting to the commands of Allah in times of difficulty and ease

19th night of Ramadan

19th August 2011

Notes from the discourse of shaykh Ahmad dabbagh.

Submitting to the commands of Allah in times of difficulty and ease.

In Surat at zumar Allah (swt) has cleared a great misconception people have. Throughout the Quran we hear that the Quran is a shifa (a cure). The primary cure which the Quran gives is to the spiritual needs of a person. Although it gives cure for the physical body as well, it’s concern is nonetheless the spiritual needs of a person. It helps a person to cure him/herself from the illness of reaching the hellfire because of the diseases of sins.
The illness and dieases of the body end with death however the illness and the diseases of the sprit goes with a person after he/she dies. In fact the pain and suffering of the individual increase after death.
The mashaykhs have said that the grave is a suitcase of deeds. Wether a case full of good or bad deeds that is upto you how you fill it.
So, coming back to Surat At zumar, Allah says he gives a certain light to the person who submits to Allah. Now the difference is WE claim to have submitted to Allah. However, if in the sight of Allah we have not, then this is a great concern and worry we should have. Just like as the (prophet saw) said their are those who are not from my ummah. For example those who reject the sunnah etc. Like this Allah also has conditions for those who have submitted to Allah. One of those is that a person should submit to Allah even at hard times, at times when a person is going through difficult times.

*the mashaykh say each individual has three sets parents.
1) One set of parents are those who bring you into this world.
2) The second set of parents are the parents in laws, – inc the uncles and aunts
3) The third are your teachers who take you from the life of this world to the hereafter. – they secure your affairs in the hereafter.

– Now, the question is how do we react to difficult situations? We do so by adopting the means of patience. When we receive blessings we use the means of thankfulness. These two wings (one of being patience in hard times and being thankful in times of bleasings and happiness) of the bird will enable us to fly to Allah and his rasul (saw)
When the instruction of Allah comes we should leave our own desires and wishes and adopt Allah (swt)’s command. For example when the beloved uncle of the prophet (saw) hamza (ra) was killed. The prophet (saw) out of anger said “I will kill 70 mushrikeen in retaliation to his killing”. Nonetheless, we learn that when the command came from Allah (swt) which are: we are only allowed to take a life for a life. The prophet (saw) submitted to it. Despite his enourmas turmoil and distress caused when his (the prophet (saw)) beloved uncle was killed at uhud.
– After the rights of Allah has been fulfilled then the rights of the prophet (saw) comes. Followed by the rights of the parents. We should submit when the command of Allah comes in relation to each of the respective categories of people.
Servant of Allah.

By ServantofAlMalik

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