Notes: From the discourses of Shaykh Ahmad Dabbagh

The relevance of self purification according to the Quran

15th night of Ramadan

15th August 2011

Notes from the 15th night of Ramadan.

The relevance of self purification according to the Quran

1) During Ramadan, People are hearing different parts of the Quran in taraweeh salah. However Allah has only mentioned three types of people who will benefit. They are:

A) the mu’mineen (those who really believe and submit to Allah (including the messenger) who have a firm conviction on islam) B)the mutakoon (those who have taqwa – god consciousness)
C)the muslimeen (those believers who believe and follow the messenger in all if not most commands of the messenger)
-Allah (swt) uses these terms intermixed at times to express how one can progress from one state of belief to the highest one, that being achieving taqwa.

This brings the question,why then is there need for purification of the heart? When there is already enough guidance for the people.
We get the answer from the Quran itself. We learn that it is the traits of the prophets that they would purify the people from KUFR and SHIRK to tawheed, before teaching them the book or the wisdom.
– A person firstly needs to be a god fearing person before he/she can begin to unlock the secrets of the Quran. Purification leads one to attain this. They will be the one’s who finally succeed.
-Now Allah (swt) also mentioned about those who are muslimeen. – they are not the one’s who merely say the Kalima (testificafion of faith). Whereas the muttakoon are those who fear allah and are careful of their affairs, i.e those who have taqwa. The brief meaning of a god fearing person is the one who saves himself from hell fire. The perfection to them (the god fearing) is the example of the prophet (saw).

2) Quran is like the stream/a river and our hearts are like containers, cups. We have to use our container to scoop up the water of life from the river (the Quran). Until we do not fill our cup with the water of guidance from the Quran our thirst will not be quenched.

**The difference of taleem (knowledge) and Alim (scholar)**
– Taleem is what we are told of, i. e the dos’ and donts’. Where as the Alim is the person who have attained taleem and implements it in his life.

– the order in which the Quran is now, (in the book form) it was already in the knowledge of Allah. However, he (swt) chose to reveal the Quran in a different format. This was firstly to grow people close to Allah, then the prophet (saw) done through purification of the shirk and kufr to the oneness of Allah. Only thereafter there is mention of knowledge, the prohibitions etc. Take the example of alcohol, Allah only forbade it after people were firm in islam. When the instruction came people were ready to leave the addiction. Sometimes we cannot understand what harm there is in a sin. In these situations we must submit ourselves to Allah’s instructions, and forget our rational attempts at understanding islam. We will not understand with our primitive minds.

3) there are those who are constantly bombarded with whispers from the devil. As a result of this they are disturbed immensely. The answer and solution to this is they should know that just as a sin cannot be made halal no matter how good intention you have – in regards to why you are doing it. Same is the situation if you are doing a good deed. Do not worry if you are bombarded with whispers. Your good deed will not become evil because of the shaitanic whispers. Simply carry on and ignore the thought.
The relevance of self purification according to the Quran .pdf
Servant of Allah.

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