How to save yourself from marrying the daughter (dunya) of shaitan

Notes from the 16th night of Ramadan discourse.

16th August 2011

How to save yourself from marrying the daughter (dunya) of shaitan

In the Quran amongst the countless lessons, one of the lessons we learn is for those who have put their hearts in the dunya. Especially in the wealth and pleasures of dunya. Who are under a shaitanic assumption that if they have lots of wealth they will be able to give to charities frequently. When they are given this, they turn their backs on Allah and his prophet (saw). Allah mentions in the story of Musa (as) that a person came to him and said “o prophet I want alot of wealth so that I can give lots of charity and do good deeds”. Musa (as) replied “whatever a person attains through halal means is enough for him”. The person insisted despite the prophet’s reply, so Musa (as) made a dua to Allah in which eventually the man was blessed with great wealth. A time came when prophet Musa (as) sent a man to collect some money for the poor, from that same man. The man replied to the collector of musa (as) “has Allah treasures decreased now, that he needs MY money to give to the poor? The name of this greedy person was karun. He refused to pay the collector, as a result he was destroyed along with those people who had the same wishes and desires.
-There are others also who say “I have attained this and that because of my hard efforts” and do not do shukr (thankfulness) of the blessings of Allah. These people are also deluded as they fail to see the real being behind their success.
– unfortunately we turn to Allah when we are suffering and when we are not it’s the opposite. – we are very arrogant! When it should be, when we have wealth we are humble and thank Allah, and when we are suffering we practice patience and thankfulness still.

Hazrat ali khawas (ra) the teacher of imam sharani, mentions: the whole world is the daughter of shaitan. Those who love it are like those who want to marry it (her – dunya). Because they (those who love the dunya) have married her that’s the reason the father in law (shaitan) comes and visit his daughter’s houshold very frequently. (your household – the heart of iman)
The people who want to save themselves from marrying the daughter of shaitan, then they should not propose to her.
Answer: by making sure you do not work day and night having no consideration for the halal and haram. Basically, living to work and not working to live. The people who are always running after wealth and status in the sight of others, etc. If you do she will accept and you will then be married to her for good. People marry the dunya and as a result he (shaitan) visits his daughter’s home very frequently. So save yourself from it!
Work and live in the world but do not be those who love the world in their hearts, minds, and body.