Dheen Notes: From the discourses of Shaykh Ahmad Dabbagh

The night ascension (Miraj) in relation to our lives.

The night of ascension (Miraj) in relation to our lives

14th night of Ramadan

14th August 2011

Notes from the 14th night of Ramadan

In relation to chapter 15 of the Quran in which Allah mentions about the miraculous night journey of the prophet (saw), Musa and the states and conditions of humans.
The purpose of this story – of the Miraj. Is to highlight a point to the humans that you should, and also can start your own Miraj (spiritual evelation). The mashaykh mention that if we want to begin our journey to Allah we must get on our burak. Which is none other than the burak (horse) of sunnah.
We also learn that the prophet (saw) was at kabbah. This tells us that we should purify our heart after adopting the sunnah. Then we learn that the prophet (saw) was taken to masjid al aqsa. From this we lean, despite adopting our burak in the form of sunnah and having the intention to purify the heart. There is another condition we must fulill. This is, we have to change our environment, our social circles of friends of the evil ones to that of the good. Like the prophet (saw) was taken from a bad environment to the good environment of the prophets. Then we learn he (saw) went through the seven heavens. In relation to us (as how it applies is), the seven heavens are like the seven organs of our bodies. When we purify them it is like we have traversed the seven heavens. The prophet (saw) said those who give me guarantee of two organs I guarantee paradise for him. These are the tongue and private parts.
Followed by this we learn that the prophet (saw) went to sidratul muntaha. This is where the angels circulate the holy house of Allah. In relation to us this is telling us to purify our evil thoughts from circulating our minds. It (the story of ascension) continues further but this (in brief) is how a follower of the prophet (saw) can have his own night journey. -Then the chapter continues with the story of shaitan.
He challenged Allah because he did one error – a sin and because of this he was cursed. He said to Allah “just watch how many sins i make them do”. – referring to the sons of Adam (as). To this Allah replied we shall see. Those who follow you will be with you.

Thirdly we learn also of how it is the trait of the evil ones to always find evidence and excuses. – always to point finger at others. We learn from this story that we should not be of those who always try and find excuses and evidence for doing such and such a deed. When the instruction of islam has been stipulated then we should do it without demanding evidence and proof to much. Once we have learnt the relevant details we should not question and look for proofs, point fingers at this and that. But, just carry out the command of islam.
Instead of focusing on others and saying he did that or he did this. Focus on yourself at what you are doing. Imagine you are painting your life image on a canvas. What do you think it will be like, a good picture of your deeds or a bad image? Our job is only to convey the message after this if a person is not accepting then move on to others. Don’t lose heart and stop what you are doing. This is the way you will be successful.
The night ascension (Miraj) in relation to our lives..pdf
Servant of Allah.

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