Dheen Notes: From the discourses of Shaykh Ahmad Dabbagh

To who is Allah the ‘all forgiving’.

To who is Allah the ‘all forgoving’!
13th night of Ramadan

13th august 2011

Notes from the 13th night of Ramadan discourse.

Notes from the discourse of “to who is Allah ‘the all forgiving?’

Those people who fill their hearts with the love of dunya. A veil is erected in front of their hearts. This is why when you tell them a good advice they fail go heed to it. It is as if they are deaf, dumb, and blind. You are often times left wondering why do they not listen and change. (- the reason is mentioned above.)
Whilst we have others who do and eat as they please. Having on consideration for the haram and the halal. Yet when you tell them not to do such evil and haram things they simply reply “Allah is all forgiving”. These people are completely deluded! Allah is only forgiving and merciful to those who wish to change. -Those who fall into sins and then immediately repent to Allah. In a nut shell,
-those who continually have the want to change for the better (those who do tazkiyah) and are always careful not to fall into the same sins again. -People who continually close the door to sins.
-Whom close the doors to sins that lead them to the precious sin. – for these people Allah (swt) is forgiving and merciful.
Not those who only make a joke out of islam. Allah is not forgiving to those who continually and intentionally sin whilst having a shaitanic thought that Allah will forgive. – this making fun of islam!
Allah has clearly mentioned to whom he is forgiving and to who he is hard in terms of punishment.
To sum up, do not be deluded in thinking you can stay the way you are and not have to change from your evil self. If you want Allah to be forgiving to you then you should know that you will have to change your current state. – from that of the sinful to the righteous. You have to be from those who immediately repent after committing sins. People who are in the former state – (of continually sinning and have filled their hearts with the love of dunya, and then think they will be forgiven by Allah), have a excellent opportunity to change in this month.

To who is Allah the ‘all forgiving’..pdf
Servant of Allah.

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