Notes: From the discourses of Shaykh Ahmad Dabbagh

How not to lose our good deeds

How not to lose our good deeds.

12th night of ramadan

12th August 2011

Notes: – please note, due to the reasons beyond my capabilities I missed the first several minutes of the talk.

Allah (swt) says that we will only be successful if we manage to take our good deeds with us to the hereafter. However, if we fail to do so we will not. Many of us here in this world are successfully attaining good deeds by doing good work. Unfortunately, many of us do not know due to sins our good deeds are eaten away. Like the prophet (saw) said jealousy eats away our good deeds just like fire eats away dry wood. Nevertheless, we are constantly under the impression that we are attaining good deeds after good deeds. we have to be successful in takin our good deeds to the hereafter without losing them here in this world before we go. Many people attain lots of good deeds but leave the dunya without any in their bank of deeds.
Now the question is, what is the container in which we can take our good deeds in? The answer is, this is our hearts. Only purified hearts will enable a person to do this. We learn this also from the instructions of the prophet (saw) and the Quran where it is mentioned to us only the person who comes with a pure heart on the day of judgement has succeeded.
Shaitan was one of those who was deluded with this assumptions that merely attaining good deeds is enough. He did not focus on maintaining his good deeds and making sure he did not lose his good deeds before he left the world of the dunya.
It is easy to attain good deeds alhamdulillah. However, it is hard to make sure we do not lose our hard work. How will it be if a person gives his credit cards to a burglar and then expects he will still have money remaining in his bank account? The answer is clear. – He will have no money remaining in his account. Likewise when we do good deeds we give it away by our silly mistakes and sins like jealousy, hatred, arrogance etc. Why? And how?

Answer: because we are limited in our understandings of islam. And therefore do not know how to protect our good deeds

Answer: This is when we commit sins, we let shaitan and the evil deeds eat away our good deeds. Whilst damaging our container (hearts) in which we should be taking our good deeds over to the hereafter.
Ramadan is a opportunity in which we can repair our damaged containers (hearts) and during the blessed month when we do good deeds, we will be able to maintain and keep our good deeds without losing them immediately when Ramadan finishes. But, we need to learn how to do this!

In summary, we should take heed to what Allah says and not become to happy attaining good deeds. We must also make sure we do not lose these hard earned efforts before we die.

Amin’suma Amin.

How not to lose our good deeds.pdf
Servant of Allah.

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