Notes: From the discourses of Shaykh Ahmad Dabbagh

Acting on one’s knowledge & fulfilling the rights of creation

Acting on one’s knowledge & fulfilling the rights of creation

11th night of Ramadan

11th August 2011

Notes from the durood majlis:

“the supreme status of the prophet (sallahu’alihi’wa’salam)”.

A lot of people do not need to listen to the injunctions of islam (as they have enough knowledge of the dos and donts of islam already) they simply need to “do” more. Basically act on their knowledge they have about islam. It’s understandable if someone who has converted recently or a person who used to be non practicing they need to listen and learn more. However, those who are already into islam for years, or have been practicing islam for a while now should act on their knowledge now and stop simply listening to good advices.
– Those people who only listen to the instructions of doing good. But, fail to act on the instructions should know that no matter how many times you listen to how to drink the water of life, but fail to drink it. You will never get quenched of the thirst you have. You should also take the following into account: Shaykh abu madyan (ra) said those who:-
1) give preference to the desires of oneself over the preference of the commands of Allah and
2) Those who do not fulfil the rights of others will never free from the evils of sins and misfortunes. No good deed will help or give him/her benefit. He also said those who have the following two good traits:
1) give preference to the commands of Allah and are pleased with the decisions of Allah on their life,
2) those who fulfil the rights of others will eventually not be harmed by sins and misfortunes – in terms bad effects affecting their life.

**syyidina Abdul Qadir Jilani (ra) said: son, close the book of ilm (knowledge) now and open the book of Amal – deeds.*** in simple terms when you have enough knowledge of what to do, and how to do things then get on with your work. As shaitan is also one of those who has listened to the injunctions of islam. However, he has failed to do the other aspect. Which is to act on his knowledge.
Ramadan is a month of blessings. Unfortunately, many are those who are cursed and condemned to hellfire by the Quran. because of their actions and attitudes. – wake up and realise your state!
Syyidina Junaid bagdadi (ra) was rebuked by imam Ahmad once that his students (imam ahmad’s) are disturbed by his gathering and they do not give focus on their knowledge. In short, Syyidina Junaid bagdadi (ra) said: – (to imam Ahmad) you take the people to the commands of Allah whereas this majlis (of Syyidina Junaid bagdadi (ra)) takes people to the presence of Allah. In summary, the moral is that once a person has attained the essential knowledge he/she should start to practice on his/her knowledge. Sura faitha categories people into three types:
1) Those who do not act on their knowledge.
2) those who do not attain the essential knowledge of islam
3) the successful ones are, whom have both they have the essential knowledge and then practice on their knowledge.
So, remember fulfil the rights of people as the prophet (saw) said those who cannot fulfil the rights of creation cannot fulfil the rights of Allah.

How to attain the benefit from saying “Allahu’akbar”.
When you say it, you should imagine that you are the lowest and Allah is the highest.
We learn from the story of Syyidina Abdullah ibn adam (ra) that once he had a vision of some angels, who heard them talking about those who love allah and those whom Allah loves. He (Syyidina Abdullah ibn adam (ra)) asked is my name amongst them aswell?
They replied we do not know. He replied (Syyidina Junaid bagdadi (ra)) all I know is that I love Allah’s creation, try to fulfill their rights and love Allah. They said we will tell you tomorrow if you are amongst those who love Allah.
When he saw them the following day they said your name is on the top of all those who love Allah.
The moral of the story is, fulfill the rights of creation and you will become the beloved of Allah as well
Servant of Allah.

By ServantofAlMalik

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