Notes: From the discourses of Shaykh Ahmad Dabbagh

Having the right reaction to false allegations

10th August 2011
Notes from the 10th night of Ramadan

Having the right reactions to false allegations

At times, it happens that you are blamed wrongly. Accusations and allegations are labeled towards you. So, what should one do in those situations?
One of lesson we learn from the story of prophet Yusuf (as)(when he was accused by zulaika) is, he turned to Allah. Similarly aisha (ra) was also falsely blamed and false allegations were put against her. What did they both do? In both these situations we find they turned to Allah. What happened later was Allah cleared both (prophet Yusuf (as) and the mother of the believers – aisha (ra)) of any wrong doing.
We also learn from the Hadith in which abu bakr (ra) was being accused of several things yet he remained silent. When he (abu abkr (ra)) replied to the accuser. The prophet (saw) who was in the room left. Upon seeing this syyidina abu bakr (ra) then left the argument and went after the prophet (saw). When he (abu bakr (ra)) asked why the prophet (saw) remained when he was being accused and why he left when he (abu abkr (ra)) replied to his accuser. The prophet (saw) replied when you were silent an angel was replying for you. When you began to reply the angel left and shaitan arrived. When there is a devil in the same room as a prophet, then a prophet cannot stay in the same room as the devil.
Now, the other thing we learn is that one should not blame one’s enemies without even knowing who is actually blaming and accusing you. As this was not the act of aisha (ra) or prophet Yusuf (as). They simply turned to Allah.

Some say. The accusations they are receiving from people are causing them severe mental strain. What and how should they react in those situations? This was asked to shaykh Ahmad (rahimullah). By one of his student. He replied (shaykh Ahmad) If this is your state then do not worry as if you know you are straight with Allah. You know your dealings with Allah is correct then don’t bother if you are seen negatively by the people. You do not need to worry of their accusations and blames. If you are bad in the sight of the people but, is good in the sight of Allah. Then you have nothing to worry about. However, if your situation is the otherway round I.e you are good with people and bad with Allah then you should be worried.

**Imam sharani said, know that your true friends are those who correct you and help you. Your friends are not those who only praise you and don’t show your faults.**

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Servant of Allah.

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