Notes: From the discourses of Shaykh Ahmad Dabbagh

Attaining lessons from the story of Prophet Yusuf (as)

August 9th 2011

9th night of Ramadan

Notes from the lecture on the 9th august 2011

Attaining lessons from the story of Prophet Yusuf (as)

Allah has mentioned in his holy book that the stories he has mentioned in the book is not for entertainment. Neither, not a book of stories. He has said these stories are for people who think and reflect. To teach us a lesson, so everyone should ponder what lessons are there for oneself. Take for example Yusuf (as)’s story. The lesson for us is, that if any person be male of female out of jealousy is being tormented what he or she should do. We find what they (his brothers and others) did to him and what happened to Yusuf (as). He (swt) mentioned two things in relation to this story.

1) – those who will have taqwa and be patient Allah will give him/her success.

2) – any person who is in difficulty (like Yusuf (as) who was sold as a slave and lived in poverty). Will ultimately recieve clear and great help from Allah. If someone who
Is being accused for something he/she has not done allah will free him/her from all blame. – like Allah did with Yusuf (as)
This is why the prophet (saw) instructed us to practice patience when insulted or verbally attacked when we fast. – so that we can attain what Allah taught us in the sura of Yusuf (as). Which is to be patient in tbe times of hardships and practice taqwa. Fasting should make us humble and help us to submit to Allah. However, we should not be of those who boast “we have fasted all the month”. As there is bound to be mistakes and errors we have done throughout the month of fasting, namely Ramadan. – as mentioned in a Hadith of the prophet (saw).

Attaining lessons from the story of Yusuf (as) .pdf
Servant of Allah.

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