Notes: From the discourses of Shaykh Ahmad Dabbagh

Five questions we will be asked on the day of judgement

5 questions that will be asked on the day of judgement

8th night of Ramadan.

Notes from the 8th night of Ramadan.

8th August 2011

In this day and age it is not difficult to attain knowledge. Knowledge of both the dheen and the dunya. Anyone who wants to can easily know what Allah wants from us as slave. However like the prophet (saw) said not all knowledge is beneficial. We find this with imam ghazali (ra) where he said in his later years that some of the knowledge he attained was useless.
This is why out of the mercy of the prophet (saw) he taught what essential knowledge we need to have and do not really need any other knowledge. He (saw) told us if we have 5 things – in terms of knowledge we will be successful in the hereafter. The five things are:
1) what was your central pivotal point in your life. Basically, what was your most important thing. Around which your life turned. As a lesson if we are now fasting for example, and our central point of life is something else other than Allah. Then we should know that we will be asked about this.
Like we learnt yesterday, Allah (swt) changed the kiblah just because the prophet (saw) wanted it to be from jerusalem to Mecca. Then is it not upto us also to change our ways to the wish and desire of the prophet?
– this is one of the things which we will be asked about. What was our kiblah in the dunya?
*an indication to know what our central focus in life is, is when we go to sleep what do we think of. – when we are falling asleep.
If our central point is the prophet (saw) then he (saw) should be reflected in our internal and external life.

2) second thing we will be asked about is what we did when we were young. – at a youthful age. When we are young we tend to be focused on earning as much wealth as possible. Not considering the haram and halal. This is a clear deception! We should know all this will stay behind. Look at the many youngsters who have died and their riches are being enjoyed by others. However, those who have the focus as the hereafter. Allah promises he will make them successful. – those who are away from Allah are constantly depressed and sad despite having everything. These people do not understand that whatever is written in your Rizq you will get no matter what. So there is no need to be greedy.

3) About your wealth – how you attained your wealth. Was it halal or haram?

4) how you attained and implemented your knowledge on the dunya.

5) your body and how you used it.

**every worship has one purpose that is nothing other than to attain taqwa, Salah, zakah, hajj, etc all have this as their goal – to attain taqwa.**
syyidina umar (ra) said save yourself from a hypocritical Alim. His companions replied how do we do that? He replied those who do not apply/implement their knowledge.

Now the question of tawfiq (will power) comes.tawfiq is not something that, from the unseen a hand will come and make you do a good deed! It is nothing other than using your means you already have to do the good.
Yes, after using our means we can ask for further assistance (tawfiq) but not unless we are already using our means which we have. Like warm water for wudu for Fajr. This is a means for to do the worship we need to use it.

Five questions we will be asked on the day of judgement.pdf

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