Notes: From the discourses of Shaykh Ahmad Dabbagh

Loving the prophet (saw) according to Allah.

7th night of Ramadan

7th August 2011

Loving the prophet (saw) according to how Allah (swt) wants us to love him.

As Muslims we have claimed the love of Allah and his prophet (saw). With regards to this this also Allah (swt) has mentioned he oves his prophet (saw) aswell.. The prophet (saw) has taught us how to love Allah. Whilst Allah has taught us how to love the prophet (saw). This is what Allah has taught us throughout the Quran. – he has also shown us what are traits and signs are for those who have incomplete love of the prophet (saw). In the Quran Allah has also taught us how to love the prophet (saw).

We find in the Quran story of the how when the Muslims were facing jerusalem that the prophet (saw) wished to face the kabah instead to pray. – Although that was his wish to pray according to the kabah. The prophet (saw) still prayed towards Jerusalem since it was the command of Allah to pray facing Jerusalem. This is a big lesson for us even though we might not like a command of Allah. We should still carry it out.
– it was the habit of the prophet (saw) that if he wanted something he would look to the heavens. When this wish came in the prophet (saw) that he wanted to pray according/facing to the kabah, he (saw) looked to the heavens. When this occurred Allah (swt) then sent down the revelation that the prophet could from now on face the kabah to pray. We learn a great lesson from this, which is Allah (swt) telling us that he has changed the kiblah just because the prophet (saw) wanted to. Allah (swt) is telling us to do the same, which is change our ways of the kiblah of the kafirs’ lifestyle and change it to face the kiblah of the sunnah of the prophet (saw). When it comes to the prophet (saw) and obedience Allah has shown us practically how to change our ways to the ways of the prophet. Allah (swt) has shown us that merely claiming love is not enough.
It is a great lesson for those who claim love that whatever the prophet (saw) wishes and desires we should change your ways to fullfill his wish. If he says grow the beard then do so. Do not only claim love but show it through actions like Allah (swt) did by changing the kabah only because it was the wish of the prophet. How can we not follow the ways of the prophet (saw)? When the lord of all the worlds fulfills and follows his wishes. – when he (swt) does not need to!

***Syyidina Abdul qadir jilani (ra) said those who reject the sunnah it is like these people are throwing stones on the prophet (saw) – Astagfirullah!***

During the conversation between the people of the heavens and the people of hellfire. The people of paradise will ask how are you guys? – to people of hellfire. The people of paradise will say “We have attained what Allah has promised us. We are in pleasure and happiness”. The people of hellfire will reply “we have also attained what Allah told us. We are constantly in pain and sufferings”. An announcer will then announce saying “o people of hellfire now accepting Allah’s words will do you no good. From today onwards you have attained the curse of Allah forever”. After hearing this the people of hellfire will become sad and say to the people of paradise give us some water to drink as we are extremely thirsty! The announcer will respond saying “today pure, cold thirst quenching water has been made haram for you! You forgot Allah and today Allah has forgotten you! You forgot the meeting we Allah and so he has forgotten you!”
This is what the people of truth teach the people – how to remember Allah, and follow the ways of the prophets.. They do not ask any money from you. So, seek out ways to find these men of Allah. There are many who have changed the ways of the real men of Allah. Take for example istikhara. Many people ask other “shaykhs” to do the act of worship (istikhara) for them. – when this act can only be done by the individual in need. When the prophet (saw) YOU should do istikhara when you are in need.

Delivering the words of wisdom.
Loving the prophet (saw) according to Allah..pdf
Servant of Allah.

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