How good deeds are accepted

5th night of Ramadan

5th August 2011

How good deeds are accepted.

1) There are some things which Allah (swt) has kept behind the veil of the unseen world. A person will only see them on the day of Judgement and hereafter.
However, there are signs and indications by which one can know If their good deeds are accepted or not. Amongst them, one such deed for which Allah has given a check/indication is fasting. – this is so that a person does not fast his entire life and does not know wether his/her fast is being accepted.
So, what are the indications by which you can know your fast is being accepted?
One indication is Allah says that fasting should increase your taqwa on a daily basis. If this is not happening then there should be a case to worry for you and me.

2) There are instances in which if an act of worship does not fulfill the creteria for it to be accepted, they (the angels) through back the act of worship (which just has been done) in the face of the worshipper. Like this, Allah (swt) has set certain criterion to for the acceptance of the fast. By this we can assess if our fast is being accepted or not. – this criteria for acceptance for one’s fast is taqwa (god conscious).
By the end of Ramadan if you see you have reverted back to your evil self, doing what you used to do. Then know, firstly that your fast has not been accepted. Secondly, you have not attained anything for your fast. Instead just attaind the hunger and thirst of the fast. – just as the prophet (saw) mentioned in a Hadith.
This is why try to do a fast from one of the 8 levels of fasting. This will enable you to attain a certain level of taqwa. Then on the day of judgement we will see that our fast has been accepted and been successful.

Below is a PDF file of the notes attached which can be downloaded if you wish.
How good deeds are accepted.pdf
Servant of Allah.

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