Notes: From the discourses of Shaykh Ahmad Dabbagh

These are the 8 groups. You decide where you fit in

4th night of Ramadan 

4th August 2011

(continued from yesterday’s talk)

“The cursed and the successful ones”.

Please note: any Quranic ayah or Hadiths used are to the nearest wording, meaning and effect. 

1) The first of the ones who are favoured are the prophets. – this is something to which the door of prophethood has been closed now. Whoever claims he is a prophet is astray and destroyed thereafter.

2) Second of those are the siddiqneen (the truthful). For example people like abu bakr (ra). They are so engrossed in the reflection of the prophet that they become the mirrors of the prophets. We learn that when the prophet (saw) and abu bakr (ra) entered madinah people were confused as to who the prophet was and who the follower was.
The traits of the truthful ones are that they do not do sins every now and then, aswell as doing good deeds. Their stations are always very high. Although they will commit sins – it is very rarely.

3) The shuhadah (martyrs) amongst them there are two types who sacrifice for Allah. (with their bodies being the highest level) 
– secondly those who day and night are continually conveying the message of Allah, through actions and deeds.

4) The saliheen (worshipful ones) the ones who worship with consistency and regularity. When they sin are quick to repent.

The cursed ones are:

1) The cursed people (like those of the shaitan). They are permanently cursed. – the reason why he and those like him  are permanently cursed was:
– because he disobeyed a command of Allah
– he disrespected a prophet/awliyah.
– he had deep jealousy.
– he thought he was better.

2) are those who are kafirs (unbelievers) if one is in this category you should make every effort to move from this to the category of the pious.

3) Are the hypocrites (munafiques) 
– their traits are they lie constantly.
-They find the esha and fajar prayer very hard.
– they brake promises.

4) From the Muslims who are sinful  (rebels) who continually and intentionally commit sins. Knowing that there are consequences they will have to face.

Allah (swt) instructs us to find out in which category we fit in. The above mentioned groups of people are constantly discussed throughout the Quran. 

By ServantofAlMalik

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