8 groups of people mentioned in the quran

3rd night of Ramadan

3rd August 2011

PLEASE NOTE: Any Quranic ayahs’ or any ahadiths used in the notes are to the nearest wording, meaning and effect. It is NOT exact words or meanings of the respective ayah (verse) or ahadith (sayings of the prophet (saw)).

1) In surah fatihah one asks Allah for guidance and to be guided on the right path. Allah (swt) in return answers the question in the rest of the Quran. The people who are guided and blessed are 4 types of people. Also the cursed and admonished people are 4 types. The entire Quran is based around these 8 groups of people. He (swt) says in the Quran that we (ourselves) are also mentioned in the Quran.
If one reads with concentration and thought (tafaqar).- You will see where you are mentioned in the quran and what your end will be.
-This (the ayahs’) is what is recited during the taraweeh Salah.
-The stories and lessons mentioned in the Quran about Musa (as), the prophets, pharaohs etc are not for them as they have gone from the world. These are for us.
So, search for in the Quran in which categories you belong to.

Brothers relaxing after the lecture

2) When you have learned you are a person who is upon the wrath of Allah, and of those who have gone astray. It is upto you to know how to get into the other categories of the righteous. During Ramadan the prophet (saw) emphasised a person to control ones organ and other parts of the body. Imam jafar sadique (ra) said the tongue is a great thing.
Allah (swt) did not give some of the prophets kingdoms of the dunya where as other prophets were rich. One thing he (swt) did give all the prophets was the eloquence of the Tongue. – As with this enables they were able to convey the message of Allah to the people. He (imam jafar sadique) also praised those who are patient alot. Those who are angry most of the time (for personal reasons) they have the power/strength/support of the shaitan. Where as the people of patience have the power of the righteous. This is why those who have patience will always win at the end, with their power of the patience which they receive from the pious and the righteous.

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