Notes: From the discourses of Shaykh Ahmad Dabbagh

The 3 groups of people whos’ worships are rejected!

2nd night of Ramadan

2nd august 2011

The 3 Groups of people who’s worships (Ibadah) are rejected!

When a person works hours and hours and weeks on end, then learns he/she will not get anything. Or that his efforts were completely wasted he will go under great distress and agony.
The prophet (saw) said there are 3 types of people who’s fard acts, for example like that of zakat, Salah etc. Also their optional deeds are not accepted aswell for example the charity, tawaraweeh they read etc. All their worships will be void.
So, who are they? – the companions said.
The 3 types are:
1) those who are addicted to an ‘addiction’, I.e to drugs, alcohol etc. – these are the addiction of food.
– the second is the addiction of the dunya.
– the third type of addiction is of the body, who are slaves of their desires I.e addicted to watching pornography, looking at the opposite sex. These people are addicted to the addiction of the body.

2) second type of people are those married women who’s husbands are not happy with them. – this is only when it is according to shariyah. If he commands anything against shariyah then the wife should not listen, like not wearing hijab.
– Once a woman was refusing to marry, despite the the fathers request to marry someone several times. So the prophet (saw) asked the woman why don’t you marry child?
She replied “O prophet (saw) tell me what is the rights of the husband?, only then I’ll marry. As I dont want to be more sinful”.
He (saw) replied “it is not a easy to please a husband. Even if you were to give him everything”.
After hearing this the woman said then I wish not to marry. After which the prophet (saw) do not force her to marry. This is the station of the husband. so know (to the sisters) what the rights of the husband are before you marry!

3) a slave who runs away from his master. Or those who take other people’s property for example land or house and then disappear. Until he returns the properties, wealth etc.

Side note: syyidina Ali once asked the beloved “what is the best action can I do in Ramadan?”
He (saw) said “to save yourself from the haram”. This is the best action. He (saw) did not say pray, charity etc. Just as you get triple reward for doing any good deed in ramadan. Same is the situation with doing a sin in ramadan. If you do it, then the punishment will be triple (multiplied severaltimes) severe.

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