Notes: From the discourses of Shaykh Ahmad Dabbagh

The misconceptions of Ramadan

Sunday 24th July 2011

The following are notes made during
the discourse of shaykh Ahmad Dabbagh.
“The misconceptions of Ramadan”

Please note:
This is NOT a transcript of the talk.

1) There are many people when they come of the awliyah come completely for the wrong reason. Whilst there are vast majority of the people who have no idea what they should be seeking from the friend of Allah. These people are happy and satisfied by receiving a chadar (shawl) or a ‘thing’ from the friend of Allah. They are under the assumption that with such things they will become successful in there hereafter. There will be no need for them to do any work. Simply because they have received this and that from a ‘pir’. They live under the false idea that their pir will take them across the bridge of sirat.
-That they will not have to do a thing.
-They will not have to abide by the shariyah.
How wrong they are!
Abu hurayra (ra) recalls that the prophets do not leave behind wealth and properties but leave behind the knowledge of how to get close to Allah. The righteous path of goodness. This is what the true awliyah leave behind aswell. He transfers his blessings in this manner. Not worldly assets of money and properties for the students.


2) People are in remorse that they could not live at the time of the prophet (saw). Those who live in madinah wish they could live in the madinah of the prophet (saw) not of madinah today. – with it’s high buildings and skyscrapers. Well they should now, although this is a good feeling and thought. These people should know that there is also a madinah in paradise. Where not only you can choose to live at those times of the prophet (saw) but also be able to talk to the great one. But for that madinah we will have to work. Work in the sense of righteous deeds, acting on the sunnah etc. We will get nowhere only claiming to have the love of Allah and his prophet. Yet failing to act on the injunctions of the dheen. We have to apply both together. Have love aswell as implementing the shariyah. Only then Will we have the chance to live in that madinah where not only we
Can see the madinah of the time of the prophet (saw), but also be able to talk, eat, and stay with the best of creation. Aswell as the companions of the prophets. This will be only in jannah for which we will have to work for here in this world.
As the saying goes you have to sow the seed here and reap the harvest in the hereafter.

3) Ramadan is not merely abstaining from drinking and eating, but has a greater spiritual meaning. **The wisdom of Ramadan is not (like many people think) is to feel how the poor people feel, hunger, thirst etc. But it is to attain taqwa. (God conscious)**
How can we do this when the vast majority of the people don’t even know why we fast. Firstly there are 8 levels of fasting. Where we fast not only with the stomach but we have to fast with our bodily organs aswell. Abstaining from the sins related to each part of the organ. I.E the sins related to the Tongue. When we abstain from the sins related to this, then this will be the fasting of the tongue. Likewise this is the case with other organs of the body. Now the more you want to improve the higher your fast will be. So start with two organs you will abstain from committing sins with. Either the Tongue and stomach or another one. Although we should abstain from committing sins with all the organs of the body but this is hard. so start with two organs of the body at a time.
Once you have improved on them then move on to the next two. By maintaining a optional fast (once Ramadan finishes) once a week in which you maintain two organs during the fast. That is, abstaining from the sins relating to those organs.


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