Attaining Servanthood

Thursday 30 June 2011

Time: 4:55am
Finish: 5:47am

“knowing oneself”

The following are notes from the discourse “knowing oneself”.

1) In these past few discourses we are trying to understand who we are. Everything goes wrong when we assume the role(s) of something/someone else when we actually are something/someone else. We are
For example: we think “i should be served”. This is taking the role of someone else – that we are actually worthy of being served. When, in reality we are the servants and not the lord.
To elaborate, when Allah (swt) created Adam (as) in shaitan a thought entered in him of “I should be served”. At this point shaitan took the role – assumption of someone else. Hence everything started going wrong for him from that point onwards. Simply because he began to see himself in a wrong and false light – of being a lord.

syydiuna Abdullah Ibn Adam (ra) was once asked “how did you attain the station of servanthood?”
He replied: I learnt it from my servant.
In shock, the people replied “is your servant a person of knowledge – an Alim?” “No he is not,” was his reply. The people confused by what he meant wanted to understand what he meant. So, the great man of Allah said “when i brought him the first day, i asked him “what is your name? what do you eat? What do you wear?
My servant, slightly bemused asked does a servant have a name? His name is whatever his master calls him. Does the servant have a choice as to what he eats? He eats what his master gives. Does he have the choice to what he wears? He wears what his master gives.
After hearing this Abdullah Ibn Adam said “you have taught me how to be a true servant of Allah. Go today you are free and no longer my servant”.

2)You see, the righteous people even learn from the people who are normal people… Even fools. Once luckman was asked by his people where do you get this knowledge and character you have?
He replied, I get it from fools what ever they do, I do the opposite. When they say something I do the opposite. – if they swear, I abstain, if they get angry for dunya, I abstain for Allah.
**the wiseperson looks at the end result and as a therefore carefully chooses his actions, whereas
It is the opposite for fools.
the fool looks at the current situation and bases his action on that.**

So, we can see how shaitan got destroyed when he assumed he was someone else when he was not. We are servants (abds) and nothing more. Many of our petty problems are prevalent because of this confusion we have. We expect and have hopes of people. Of how someone will respect and honour us. When we have this understanding that we are servants and nothing more then we would not be expecting things off people, their favours, their respect and our problems would not exist, nothing. People have these expectations and when they don’t receive these off people, they are heart broken. Imam abu hanifah once said I have lived 60 years or more amongst people. And I have not found one that is and was not like vultures. Always waiting to fulfill their own selfish needs, their own interest and as soon as this is complete they move on.

Imam sharani (ra) once was told in an inspiration, that if Allah (swt) gives full knowledge of the Dunya to a person, how the dunya works, how the angels do their duties, how the animal kingdom is provided for etc. Even with all this knowledge a person will not get the closeness to Allah. It is only attained through servanthood, and how is this done? This is done by following the ways of the beloved. THIS IS THE BIGGEST SECRET. Where we find our success. Now coming to our attitudes, people who travel on a path are always, if not sometimes are after this, visions, karamats, stations, assuming the roles of others etc. When Allah (swt) said in the inspiration nothing like this brings a person close to Allah, but that of servanthood showed by the beloved (saw).
Imam sharani then said after this inspiration he had “I no longe,r longed for these things and miracles, of visions, of wealth, of dreams, of the stations of the awliyah. But only that to attain servanthood to Allah. As when we have the company of Allah we will not need anything else. Then we will not be disheartened by people’s betrayals or dishonour. We will have the king. And when you have the king you also have access to his kingdom. Therefore may Allah give us the true sincerity to do worship only for him and nothing else Amin.


By ServantofAlMalik

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4 replies on “Attaining Servanthood”

its not Abdullah bin Adham, its Sayyyiduna Ibrahim Bin Adham Rahimahullah hi Alaihi, Also “Imam abu hanifah once said I have lived 60 years or more amongst people. And I have not found one that is and was not like vultures.” its not vultures, its scorpions. and please Refrain from Doing this “beloved (saw).” with the abbreviations,i was told a quite long time ago that it is seen as a disrepectful thing to do, or bad bidah, as one is showing laziness in completely writing out the blessings after the name, thus when reading, gives a disrespectful position to the Blessed Refrences…but Allah hu Alam.

u missed a few things out, (and also noting this is your quick jotted notes, so i thought i’l add) is that what happens when a person doesnt know his reality i.e. family problems happen etc and that throughtout history, from the time of Sayyiduna Adham Alaihisalaam till the last person, is that the bad people transgressed their limites, and the line they used which sticks in ones head is…’they were created to serve, but wanted service’. this was a big problem in history. and you didnt mention, ‘the true awliyah Allah learn from everything, even fools. one of the wised people of Anbia is Hazrat Luqman Alaihisalaam, someone asked them ‘some things you do is wonderful! (i.e. general Character) How did you learn this?’ they replied by saying ‘ive learned it from fools’ ‘how?’ was asked by the questioner, ‘whatever the fools do i dodnt do, whatever they say i dont say, i do the complete opposite’ Hazrat Saab Gave a Beautifull sentence with this example, ‘…the wise person looks at the end results, and by that result he chooses an action’ subhnaAllah! also something u missed was, ‘why does the matter become worse? because we make the fool the leader, if hes angry out of foolishness, we follow that anger and do the same, or if he swears at you, you do the same’ rather we should make dua, and follow it up by doing and saying good.

also that ‘we will come out of depression, if we dont expect anything from anyone’. and also, the part about the constitue of America which reads, ‘we have no friends or enemies, just the interest of America’ – this is pure selfishness as they are not looking for selfless acts,and interests, but selfish interests of benefit. this is similar to individual level. and that Islam sides with truth, not with interest or benefit. oh and if one knows his reality he will be fine. if shaytaan knew his reality he would have obeyed Allah ta’ala at the time of the command. and another part, ‘who can they are good infront of Allah… ‘Anything good which reaches you is from Allah. Anything bad reaches you is from yourself (means you have done something wrong)

Also, Allah says that Qibr ‘Greatness’ is Allah Ta’ala’s Chaddhar, it is their quality, whoever trys to take share in Allahs Greatness will be thrown into the fire, if people try to label greatness to themselves. Allah alone gives greatness and power to whom he wills..

Also i cant rememer who the person was, i think Hazrat Saab was speaking in urdu or i was too slow on my notes, but you missed this beautifull part about an Awliyah Allah, not sure who but…’he Ran to egypt, and between semi wakefulness state i could hear (i could heart but not see anything) …”oh my Servant, if i were to make you knowledgable of All the Universe and All that is Contains (ilham) from the small piece of Sand, to every drop of rain which is the name of Allah, and if i was to inform you of the plant kingdom, the vegetable kingdom, fruit kingdom, their types, of their names, their ages, or the names of stars, the reality of stars, the reality of their movement, their colour, the sizes of stars, not guess work but conjections (Facts) of All the animals living creatures, different categories, their kind, their ages, the birds, the types of birds, and snails, insects, the scorpions, the snakes, the reality of fish, their kinds. if i were to inform you of All the animals of the world that walked on the face of the earth, and how they started (scientests are still chasing this knowledge but cant attain, it or very very little of it, this is the size of depth of Knowledge between the scientists and the creator, still research is going on All fronts, here Allah is saying if you were to have knowledge of all these things) And the wonders of skys, heavens and earth, different planets, different species living on different planets, (scientists cant travel light years and distances to different stars) and if i was to reveal to you paradise, we are just talking about the dunya yet so what about the doors of paradise and what lies within it, hidden or apparent, even in hell, even the things human beings havent seen, heard or felt, even those things were to be exposed, and if you were to raise your hands and skys would drop rain, or if you could, by the power of Allah, be able to heal the dead, make the blind see, make the fools think etc and if i was to manifest All the Qiramats that i have given all Awliya Allahs to you, even then, you would not have come one degree closer to me!’

it has to be said, the description Hazrat Saab gave of that is just amazing, they followed on by saying to the nearest meaning that Some People of tassawwuf expect these things, even the hadith of the prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam states that the Dajjal will do these things. people will follow this because its what they truly want. we should be happy to be Abd (Servant) of Allah, true servants, Because its the Greatest thing Allah wants from us…i.e. to Become a true servant. …

the name of the book was along the lines of Adab ul Abudiyah.

they continued by saying. the Tareeq teaches you how to become friend/servant of Allah, from the beginning to End, your tongue becomes a freind/ servant of Allah. the people of knowledge and the people who travel to the path to Allah are mainly attacked by shaytaan. A person is saved from many deceptions and traps of shaytaan, otherwise you will be left confused, how to be servant of Allah, is by copying Rasullallah Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam.

they finished off by mentioning something about Sayyiduna Abu Sayyid Khair Rahimahullah and one of their travels, and mentioned something after it. ‘if you find Allah, you have found everything, if you lose Allah, You have Lost Everything’…wasalaam. The Wisdom of Hazrat Saab is Truly Amazing and Awe inspiring..May Allah continue to bless them with their infinite blessings, in this world and in the akhirah. Ameen.


Abu: you pretty much wrote the biyan. Mine is notes I.e summary points of the different parts. the point of notes are not to jot down the full transcripts of a lecture but to summarise parts of the lecture.
Otherwise notes will be termed as transcripts and not notes. Secondly, they serve as a ‘note’ to the actual meterials hence should not be used on it’s own solely. If you re-read the notes you will see that what you said is there, in note form. Crucially highlighting the main points. Understand what the differences are between Transcripts and notes. Transcripts are what your after abu, Notes are not transcripts.


Salaam aleykum

Thank you for sharing this! Are these the discourses that are broadcasted live on the website,


yes you can watch live on every mondays and thursdays on: the monday majlis begins at 7:30 and thursday it is at fajr time (or before fajr at 5:30am during winter) so the time varies. currently it is 4:15am after fajr inshaAllah.

for this specific lecture notes here is the audio link:
the video should be shortly uploaded on the respective site


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