Notes: From the discourses of Shaykh Ahmad Dabbagh

The 3 conditions for striving (mujahadah)

Notes from the talk on “the 3 conditions of striving (mujahadah)”.

Monday (27/06/11)

20110627-105351.jpg (during the majlis)

Sometimes out of our own selfish attitudes we either blame shaitan or Allah for us being lead astray. The excuse is either that the shaitan tempted us.
The other is, Allah did not give us the tawfiq (will power, means) to do good deeds. (very petty and baseless excuses!)
It is shameful that we do not blame our selves even once, for not doing a good deed. However, remember this that the shaitan will say on the day of judgement he only tempted us. Merely whispered into our ears, WE are the ones who accepted the offer. Likewise Allah (swt) has given us many blessings which are beyond comprehension. We have warm water to offer wudu. – no need to do it in cold water, if we are Ill then we are told to sit and pray even then, if we can’t, then to pray with isha’rah (intention, signals with the eyes). These things are known as tawfiq. Tawdiq is not something where Allah (swt) will lift you from a place and physically make you do a good deed. The options are open to you.
We are given the invitation from both the shaitan and Allah. It’s up to us who’s offer we accept!
Secondly, people say “how can we live a pious life when we live in a filthily and fitna infested western world?”
The answer is, we do what syydina yusuf (as) did when zulaika invited him to evil. He was locked in a room with the keys thrown away. He was invited, seduced but even then. Syydiuna yusuf (as) made a dua to Allah “o Allah, prison is better for
me than this state.” Secondly, even though he knew the doors of the room of zuliaka was locked knowing this he walked to the door and the doors flung open. What we learn from this is:
1) in times of great temptation to commit sins we should seek allah’s help and assistance.
2) we should do as much as we can and then relay on Allah for the rest. If we do this then wonders will happen. Like it did with syyidina Yusuf (as).
Understand this, that for striving there are 3 conditions which must be fulfilled:
1) seeking help in Allah
2) will (will power) to change – to sacrifice.
3) and the final one is effort.

This is what syyidina Yusuf (as) did therefore the doors to the room in which he was locked in were miraculously opened. This was the avenue he undertook:
He sought Allah’s help, then had the will power to do something. Followed by putting in the effort to sacrifice – by going to the door. All these conditions were fulfilled therefore the help of Allah arrived.
When we are in the same situations then all we need to do is do what he (Syyidina Yusuf (as)) did. Imagine that the world is like the room of Yusuf (as) in which he was locked in and syyidina Yusuf (as) as your self – tempted by the sins, (being attacked by shaitan), the attempt of seduction by zulaika is like the temptations to commit sins. If we see the incident of Yusuf (as) in this light then we can get great guidance and lessons from that story mentioned in the Quran.
When Allah mentions stories in the quran it is not for people who have left the world, people who have died. But, it is for US, for me and you.

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