The Seasons of Change

The seasons of change

Thursday (23/06/11)
Time: 4:52am
Finish: 5:47am

Please note: the following are only NOTES from my shaykh’s discourse and not the complete transcription. Please consult either the audio/video from should you require more information. Thankyou.

Many people come to Allah to find respect and honour. When this should not be the reason why people should come to Allah.
Why is this? This is because it is not the right objective and reason to come to Allah. As the human being is nothing… What is he? When he was created from a filthy liquid (semen). A body which has filled with filth and disgusting things inside… Blood, urine etc. Then how can a person claim the need to respect and honour? This is only suitable for Allah. In front of Allah there is only submission and servanthood.

Syyiduna abdus Salam Ibn mashih once asked his student (imam shajli) “with what will you meet Allah?”
He (imam shajli) replied “I will meet Allah with fiqriyah (in the state of one who is in need – a faqir).
His teacher (abdus Salam Ibn mashih) replied. “if this is your state when you meet Allah, then you will meet Allah with a BIG idol within you. You should only meet Allah with Allah i.e with nothing except only with humility and nothing else.
This is how we should meet Allah and how our view should be, not for respect and honour. Many people say “i dont feel good or today I have done this Ibadah and as a result I feel good today”. Again this is incorrect… We do not do Ibadah for feeling good or not. As the people who say “I feel good after such and such an Ibadah” should know that their previous state which was not “feeling good” was better than the current state. As now their selfish need has come in-between him and Allah. The act of worship was not done merely and only for Allah!
Even after performing Good deeds e.g Salah the people of the past used to repent to Allah and ask for forgiveness. This was their state and when we do a simple Ibadah we think we are the most pious and deserve paradise when this was not the case with our pious predecessors. They were more humble with more Ibadah they deed etc. This is the beginning point… Being humble.

Allah created us for worshiping him and knowing him. we are going after seeing lights/kahsfs/dreams/feeling good etc. Missing the point and reasons why Allah created us for.
-Just as the weather outside in the world changes… So does the inside of a individual.- you will feel good/sad/excited/bad etc. But these things will always change!

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