Notes: From the discourses of Shaykh Ahmad Dabbagh

The conditions of success

I decided to (inshaAllah) kick start my blogging again. Especially making notes of shaykh’s discourses and lectures. Primarily, for my benefit and a reminder. Secondly, should anyone wish to, also read these notes then they are most welcome to. [However, keeping a mental note to the fact that these are my notes which means the lessons/summaries are what i have understood. Not necessarily reflecting the views of my teacher].

Points from the majlis of shaykh Ahmad Dabbagh. “how to live a pious life in a impious environment”. – having arrived late to the majlis (gathering) I was unfortunate enough to have missed most of the discourse.
The following notes are from the period of the majlis which I was fortunate to be a part of:

In the path of Allah. A person wanting the closeness of his majesty has to keep three things in mind from the beginning of his/her journey.

Firstly, the desire/hope in Allah is required inorder for him/herself to fly to the almighty.

Secondly, with desire there must be a wish also to attain the right objectives/goals of the path. A wish to know his/her lord, the way the messenger of Allah (saw) taught. Not any other way.

Thirdly, none of the above two will lead anyone to attain the ultimate objectives – the closeness and pleasure of Allah, without putting in the effort (mujahidah) required to reach the goal. “a person wishing to become a millionaire will not do so, until he/she decides to take the first step to achieving the goal”. Nothing can happen haphazardly. There is a system of attaining things this is the world, likewise for the akhirah it is the same. One cannot merely wish for the stations and pleasure of the love of Allah, but will also have to put his/her effort into attaining the final goal.
Finally, no wali (a friend of god) has become a friend of god without taking these three steps)


During the questions and answer session.

During the questions and answer session20110621-012613.jpg

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Assalamu Alaykum, Really, it is the first day i have visited this wisebte. i saw that this wisebte is submitting the massage of the islam through any media, this video is exactly talking about the rights of the prophet peace and glory be upon him.thank you.


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