Attaining Servanthood

Thursday 30 June 2011

Time: 4:55am
Finish: 5:47am

“knowing oneself”

The following are notes from the discourse “knowing oneself”.

1) In these past few discourses we are trying to understand who we are. Everything goes wrong when we assume the role(s) of something/someone else when we actually are something/someone else. We are
For example: we think “i should be served”. This is taking the role of someone else – that we are actually worthy of being served. When, in reality we are the servants and not the lord.
To elaborate, when Allah (swt) created Adam (as) in shaitan a thought entered in him of “I should be served”. At this point shaitan took the role – assumption of someone else. Hence everything started going wrong for him from that point onwards. Simply because he began to see himself in a wrong and false light – of being a lord.

syydiuna Abdullah Ibn Adam (ra) was once asked “how did you attain the station of servanthood?”
He replied: I learnt it from my servant.
In shock, the people replied “is your servant a person of knowledge – an Alim?” “No he is not,” was his reply. The people confused by what he meant wanted to understand what he meant. So, the great man of Allah said “when i brought him the first day, i asked him “what is your name? what do you eat? What do you wear?
My servant, slightly bemused asked does a servant have a name? His name is whatever his master calls him. Does the servant have a choice as to what he eats? He eats what his master gives. Does he have the choice to what he wears? He wears what his master gives.
After hearing this Abdullah Ibn Adam said “you have taught me how to be a true servant of Allah. Go today you are free and no longer my servant”.

2)You see, the righteous people even learn from the people who are normal people… Even fools. Once luckman was asked by his people where do you get this knowledge and character you have?
He replied, I get it from fools what ever they do, I do the opposite. When they say something I do the opposite. – if they swear, I abstain, if they get angry for dunya, I abstain for Allah.
**the wiseperson looks at the end result and as a therefore carefully chooses his actions, whereas
It is the opposite for fools.
the fool looks at the current situation and bases his action on that.**

So, we can see how shaitan got destroyed when he assumed he was someone else when he was not. We are servants (abds) and nothing more. Many of our petty problems are prevalent because of this confusion we have. We expect and have hopes of people. Of how someone will respect and honour us. When we have this understanding that we are servants and nothing more then we would not be expecting things off people, their favours, their respect and our problems would not exist, nothing. People have these expectations and when they don’t receive these off people, they are heart broken. Imam abu hanifah once said I have lived 60 years or more amongst people. And I have not found one that is and was not like vultures. Always waiting to fulfill their own selfish needs, their own interest and as soon as this is complete they move on.

Imam sharani (ra) once was told in an inspiration, that if Allah (swt) gives full knowledge of the Dunya to a person, how the dunya works, how the angels do their duties, how the animal kingdom is provided for etc. Even with all this knowledge a person will not get the closeness to Allah. It is only attained through servanthood, and how is this done? This is done by following the ways of the beloved. THIS IS THE BIGGEST SECRET. Where we find our success. Now coming to our attitudes, people who travel on a path are always, if not sometimes are after this, visions, karamats, stations, assuming the roles of others etc. When Allah (swt) said in the inspiration nothing like this brings a person close to Allah, but that of servanthood showed by the beloved (saw).
Imam sharani then said after this inspiration he had “I no longe,r longed for these things and miracles, of visions, of wealth, of dreams, of the stations of the awliyah. But only that to attain servanthood to Allah. As when we have the company of Allah we will not need anything else. Then we will not be disheartened by people’s betrayals or dishonour. We will have the king. And when you have the king you also have access to his kingdom. Therefore may Allah give us the true sincerity to do worship only for him and nothing else Amin.