Everything has its time.

Looks like the American domination on the world stage is slowly but surely coming to an end. with china becoming an equal to the ‘great’ super power. I couldn’t help but recall how the nature of the dunya is such. that is to say. it only gives you a limited time of pleasure/strength/power then you are left stripped off all that you had and it moves on. Take for example in the guardian today i came across this:

In terms of absolute size, China’s economy is catching up fast with America’s, and, according to data compiled by the University of Pennsylvania, may even have overtaken the US at some point over the past year. Militarily, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is the biggest on earth: 2.2 million soldiers compared to the 1.6 million of the US armed forces. On the global stage, China has also become a giant too, lending more to developing countries over the past two years than even the World Bank, according to the Financial Times.


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