Americans are Dumb!… well, some are anyway

This phrase is often said but not thought of much. That was until maybe you came across this silly little fool. Nowadays it (the statement/Phase “Americans are dumb”) seems to have just that tiny bit of truth in it. Watch the clip and you’ll understand what i mean :-)…
I think he’s been watching marvel animations to much.

Phoenix Jones

More on a serious note, i remember Shaykh Hamza saying once – to the nearest meaning. “…adults are now playing children’s games”. i.e more and more adults acting and behaving like children. In one of the lectures he was addressing back in the 90’s he eloquently explained how more and more of us are leaving behind things we should be concerning ourselves with, e.g preparing for the akhirah (hereafter). How to live a healthy life, building a good family etc.. In turn, are more preoccupying ourselves with useless and baseless things. Causing us to become a simpleton and therefore leading us to kill our spritual hearts. Not being able to utilise our God-given abilities for the good but rather wasting it away. e.g in the case highlighted above.

Wasting away our precious lives in doing petty, useless and vain activities such as above.

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