The Jinn Vs The Cold

The Jinns (Devils) fear the cold just as humans fear the fire! – An excellent method to ward off evil spirits and attacks.

In section [11] al-Dabbagh says: ‘A Jinnee (Jinn) in Hell isn’t punished in burning fire because fire is his nature and causes him no harm. Instead, he’s punished in severe frost (zamharfr) and cold. And in the world the Jinn have a great fear of the cold.’ In the summer you see the Jinn in the air being fearful that a cold breeze will blow. They’re ready to take flight from the cold like a wild onager. As for water, the Jinn and the satans never enter it. Should they do so, they’d entirely dissolve, the way a human being dissolves in fire. The Jinnee’s form resembles the shapes you see in the dark flames and coiling smoke of a potter’s fire.