Billionaires Club

After watching what the likes of Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are doing with their money, I was moved some what to write this post. Mostly in their honor and a mark of respect for the immense charitable work they are doing. Donating billions of dollars. Bill and Malinda gates foundation
One would think with the likes of Warren buffet and others they would be busy spending all their hard-earned money on ‘living the dream’. well, it just goes to show you cant really, as the term goes ‘judge a book by its cover’! Although they are non – Muslims it is shameful – if it is, actually to say this, but they are doing the great humanitarian work which the richest of the Muslims or any muslim should have taken a lead on or been doing as it is in our dheen which tells us to be charitable more than anyone else. A honer for us to lead and show the world. i hear you say:

well if Muslims had that amount of money, I’m sure they would have happily donated it as-well.

i don’t think so! they are too busy building or putting up Christmas trees! I’m not saying they aren’t being charitable, maybe they are but recently i read a BBC report on the ‘most expensive Christmas tree’ ever constructed/put up in the world. Worlds Most Expensive Christmas tree
Guess where it was done? in America, or UK? – where it would be acceptable to some degree if they were to do it, since they celebrate Christmas.
BUT no, in fact the Christmas tree was in ABU DABHAI! yes a Muslim country costing a whooping 11 million dollars! – a disgusting Act! Hanging from the tree were expensive watches and jewelery. things like this really makes me think twice about Muslims and their charitable works. lets face it 11 million dollars is not your average Christmas tree. nor it is the average household earnings of a family of 5 lets say!
Allah (subhanALlahu’wa’tala) is just, so if someone does a good deed whether he or she is a Muslim or not. He (subhanAllahu’wa’tala) will repay them back. Either in this world or the next. For the non-Muslims it will be in this world and the Muslims in the hereafter, take for example lady Diana the princess of England. All the charitable work she did made her attain global admiration from people. Hence many people were taken a back by her accident which caused her to lose her life. No wonder our non-Muslim brothers are ruling the world or are in control of it for the most part. You see, as they give Allah also gives them back. This is the sunnah of Allah, he repays back according to your deeds no matter who you are. This was the case with Muslims for over 900 years when they were giving, Allah (subhanAllahu’wa’tala) was giving them back. Maybe when we as muslims will begin to take lessons from our non-Muslim brothers on the good they often times do. We will be the leading nation once again, as was the case before. I believe Allah (subhanAllahu’wa’tala) is giving us a lesson and teaching us through these non-Muslims of our forgotten duty. firstly to him, then to his creation.