Extracts from Al Ibriz

Selections from Al Ibriz

The chronicler Al Qadiri (d 1187/1773) says regarding,

Abdullah ibn Mubarak al Latimi: The author of ‘Pure Gold from sayings Abdul Azeez Ad Dabbagh’ (al ibriz).

He died in the year 1156/1743.
The most learned scholar of the time.
Matchless in his day and age, the cavalier of teaching and study.
The bearer of composition and investigation.
He possessed wide mastery and great knowledge in logic, eloquence, Quranic recitation and tafsir.
Studied all the seven types of Quranic recitation under the great imam Sayyidi Ahmad al Habib. – the son of his maternal aunt.
He entered the city of fez in the year 1110/1699-1700 A.D
Then studied with:
1) Imam Muhammad al Qusantini
2) Al Hajj Ahmad al Jarandi
3) Imam Muhammad al Masnawi
Studied grammar under Imam Abdul al Salam al Hulwi.
Received the ijaza for transmitting al Bukhari from Imam Ali al Hurayshi.

Imam al Mubarak would compare the words of ulema and study with them. All the while giving them answers from his knowledge in accordance with questions asked by them.
He was matchless when it came to doing Qiyas (Scholarly judgements). He did not care whether he contradicted the great or the small who lived before him or came after him.
He (Imam ibn al Mubarak) was capable of doing ijtihad. He refuted many who lived before him and more recently.
He would say if those who went before him met him they would have profited from him.
Always doing the praises of the prophet (saw), in reciting durood.
Was very able in helping in changing the lives of people. Bringing them to the love of the prophet (saw).
When he would speak about the prophet (saw) weeping would come over him and this would happen when he was teaching. There were also instances when he would laugh and this would also last a while…

By ServantofAlMalik

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