Letters from Allah

Monday 20th December 2010

Notes to the discourse: Letters from Allah
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Tareeqah Muhammadiyah

He (damat baraka’thuhum) said:

These are paraphrased words and therefore not the exact words of Shaykh Ahmad Dabbagh

1) It is mentioned to one of the previous prophets: “o son of Adam when you are traveling and receive a letter from one of your beloved whilst in your journey. You do not wait to arrive at your destination but halt your journey and open the letter immediately. In the same light o son of Adam I have also written you a letter”.
This is the Quran, which was revealed bit by bit upon the prophet (saw). In the same light, when you receive a letter you open with apprehension. Thinking if it’s going to be a warning or a good news of some sort. We do not seem to do this for the letters of Allah – the Quran. When they contain our benefits and warnings.
It is mentioned in the Hadith that the prophet (saw) will do intercession of some people. Whilst he (saw) will not for others, but rather will complain against an individual. One such group of people whom the prophet (saw) will complain is against those who did not practice the Quran, read the Quran. This is a great issue. One of the reasons is clear for why the prophet (saw) will complain against an individual is because of this Quran, the prophet (saw) had to endure the pains and sufferings. His blessed daughters were divorced because of this Quran.

2) The people who do not pray but do other deeds their deeds will be invalid no matter what they say. “I am doing this or I am doing that”. As the prayers are like the ‘1’ in front of the 1,000,000 without which the rest are simply zeros. The rights of Allah comes first. So no matter what people say “I am doing this work or that” the salah will determine a person if he is successful on the day of judgment. As questions relating to his salah will be the first question asked after the issues of aqeedah. If his salah are in order then others will fall into place. Whereas if his salah is not in order he will face hardship in other matters.
There is one certainty in life, wether you get dunya or not. This is one day you will face Allah.

3) this ummah will have 60 rows on the day of judgement – A place where a person will not be able to move even one step forward. Some people will be so much immersed in their own sweat that they will be drowning because of the intensity of the heat. On that day each person will be called out and told to stand in front of the rows where on a huge screen people will be shown what that person used to do, in his private, in public life etc. If that person has been doing disgraceful acts.
What Allah requires from a person is that he/she tries his best. If islam is not dominant in the earth it does not mean you will be unsuccessful. If you played your part in establishing dheen in your life, family and then the locality. You will be successful for doing your part. E.g imam Hussain although he did not attain the khilafah, but he is still successful in the eyes of Allah.

4) it does not matter what the next person is doing. But what matters is, what you do. This is why we see how each of us is taken into the court of Allah individually by the angels of death. As, if Allah wanted he could give death to us all altogether.
If people knew the rewards for praying salah in congregation. They will crawl to the masjids.
We tend to stay in our consort zones all the time. Afraid to change. But Allah says that he sees to wherever you are.
Syyiduna Abdul Qadir jilani (ra) says those who act on their knowledge there is a door that opens between him and his lord. The closeness to allah, his marifah etc. As a result his heart goes to Allah.
Addressing the ulema he says: you are busy in attaining and giving knowledge in the idea of getting paid. But not to practice. You have the shell of knowledge but not knowledge in reality. Do you think that Allah only gives uderstanding of the dheen to those who have knowledge! No! Certainly it is in fact those who have knowledge and practice on it with sincerity.
Wash your clothes of dheen, the clothes of taqwa, with repentance from sin. Use the soap of ihlass and then apply the itr of marifah of Allah on your clothes of dheen.
People who have not died still have time to repent and try to get close to Allah. The door which only closes when one has died.

*there is no greatness for doing renpantance but in staying steadfast on the repentance*

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