Guy fox a terrorist?

Since tonight is bonfire night and the rituals of the night is upon us. Fireworks and the like going off every second or so, it brings about a question which arose today when discussing with someone.
By today’s definition guy fox did something which would classify him as a terrorist easily. The astonishing thing is that despite him trying to blow up the parliment. His actions are celebrated as a national treasure and an occasion for celebrations. When he was clearly out to cause mass murder. I find it amazing how when it suits us we call people terrorists and when it doesn’t we don’t, we refuse to do so. As surely guy fox is a terrorist, then why are his actions celebrated every year? Would it be correct to celebrate the events of 9/11? The answer is clear! Then why celebrate bonfire night?
Maybe in years to come we will know who the real Heroes were of this time. As William Wallace was seen as a terrorist when he was fighting the English, but now is seen as a hero by the Scottish. Maybe the definition of terrorist is unclear or the term constantly evolves as time progresses.

2 thoughts on “Guy fox a terrorist?”

  1. They don’t actually celebrate the person – they actually burn his effigy in the bonfire. They celebrate the foiling of his plans.

    But the William Wallace point rings true – “One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter”.


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