The chilean miners and the lessons for us.

As the TV screen across the world beam out the Chilean miners rescue. I cannot help but draw an analogy of the whole experience to that of our journey in this world. As I write this, we are hearing how these extra ordinary men lived in the cave, full of darkness, humidity, and lack of food. In the same token, at times we as Muslims may feel stranded deep beneath. A life of restrictions an hardships. It may be likened to that of the experience of the cave. We feel restricted, not being able to lead pleasurable lives. Nevertheless, just as we are seeing the jubilations and celebrations as the miners are being winched up, by the small shuttle being plunged 700ft underneath. The Muslims and everyone at large can take heed of this, as through every hardship ease will come through. When we go through the deep and darkness of the dunya, we should have the hope of reaching the surface of the hereafter. Where those gone before are waiting eagerly. Waiting and anticipating our arrival from the darkness of the dunya.
Our loved ones who have gone before us are well aware of our situations, just as we continue to see the rescue taking place. On our screens, they too are looking at us by the screens of the hereafter.
The lessons are clear for those who wish to take lessons. With perseverance our endings will be a happy ending inshaAllah.