Visiting the blessed being – Amina (RadiAllahuAnha)

This is written in the first person objective to allow us to traval back and experience a spiritual rejuvenation, of the love of the prophet (saw) and help us realise the struggles he went through.

This year we were privileged during the umrah trip as Allah gave us the chance to visit one of the places in arabia few even remember her being in the blessed land.
With our shaykh and few of the brothers we went to visit the mother of the mercy of the worlds, (sallu alan nabi). Aminah radhi’allahu’anha. The following picture clearly shows the barren land via the route between Makkah and the then town known as yathrib. Thoughts fly back on how the days would have been for the young rasulullah sallhu’alhi’wa’salam.
The heat of the day was torturing, after the 30 mins walk from our car to the garden of resting, many of us were pushed to our limits. (To be fair, it was ramadan and so the tiredness was something we expected and had anticipated :)) however, it was worth it to say the least!
Atop a small hill, was the sight humbling enough even to bring men with hearts of stone, to tears. The blessed being resting for eternity.
The journey back for the young rasulullah sallhu’alhi’wa’salam would have been something out of this world, with no words to express. Upon leaving her to rest, heading back with um ayman (radhi’allahu’anha) back to Makkah. We paid our homages, sent our salawats and took lessons from trip. That, life was not what, sometimes we think it was back then, at the time of the prophet (sallahualihiwasalam): ease, comfort, food readily available. Moreover, it was hard, stressful at times with no food for days. Let alone anything, The picture(s) is a thousand words. Describing eloquently the environments of those days.
One of the unfortunate thing is, about 20/30 mins walk from there, there is a small town. It’s like a ghost town with many empty houses. The reason for this is the town used to be reasonably lively but since the Saud family took control over Arabia people have been moving out, simply out of fear. As, when people know where the blessed garden of jannah is (The grave of Amina (rashiallahuanha), the Saudi government to come down hard on the people of the town. Assuming they are the people who inform the visitors as to the whereabouts of the exact location. Giving people lengthy jail terms even they get the slightest indication who it might be. Luckily for us, we had ulema who studied there and locals who moved from the area guide us to where it (the blessed) gave is. Hence the Saudi nearest in the picture.
Note: The blessed garden of resting is in front of shaykh Ahmad Dabbagh in the picture.

On the way to the resting place of Aminah radhi’allahu’anha. Which is on top of a hill.

Start of the walk from the cab.

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