Continuation on the guidance from syyiduna abdul azeez dabbagh (rahimu’llah) – (22:04:10)

The majlis began with mentioning the need to appreciate the blessings of Allah. For instance time itself is a blessing. One will only know the value of it in the hereafter when this is taken away from us. Many people will wish to come back just for another chance. We were also reminded of how Allah (subhan’allahu’wa’tala) blessed the holysites of mecca, madinah, and masjid aqsa. It was primarily due to the association these places had with the ambiyah. Showing us that if inanimate object were blessed by Allah so much for obeying and being receptive to Allahs message what to say about us.
This was followed by continuing with the guidance from syyiduna abdul azeez dabbagh. On the last day of visitation to fez, morocco.
Note: please be aware this iis only note made during the discourse and therefore not the complete discourse. For the complete discourse vist where the audio and the visual is avaliable.

…creating the thirst, providing the solution.

Thursday 22nd April 2010.doc

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