The main problems of our time. – Facing the ummah (19:04:10)

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Every prophet was sent to a nation moulded to the needs of that time. For instance nuh (ali’his’salam) was sent to a nation who boasted about long life. Anyone found to have a long life was often credited with respect and houner. To show the people, Allah (subhan’allahu’wa’tala) gave nuh (ali’his’salam) 950 years to live. Still people would and did not heed his message. Ultimately leading them to the hell fire. Secondly if we look at the time of musa (alhis’salam) he was faced with a nation engrossed in magic. Priests and magicians who practiced this to the higher degrees enjoyed respect to the highest order even from kings and the like. This is why musa (alhis’salam) was given he ability to perform magic, by making the serpent from his staff and splitting the river nile. Despite this people were still closed to hearing his message save only a few.
Now if we go one step further to the time of isa (ali’his’salam) then we find people scientifically quite advanced, people could be cured etc. So, in accordance with the value of the time hazrat isa ibn mariam (alhis’salam) was given the miracle of bringing the dead back to life. nonetheless, people rarely believed after seeing such miracles. Now if we look at the time of syyiduna muhammad (sallahu’alhi’wa’salam) we find the arabs exceld in literacy and poetry, they were the masters of spoken poetry and language. The arabic language is vast, take the word ‘lion’ for example, in arabic. One can find almost 100 words just for the word ‘lion’. There are almost 50 words for ‘sword’. A language beyond the average english syntaxes. This is why allah (subhan’allahu’wa’tala) sent the messenger, his beloved with the best of all guidance. Even the masters of poetry were dumbfounded by the excellence of the quran al kareem. Poetry which could not be written by any human or jinn.
All in all, after all this – the ambiyah exceling the houndrable thing of the time, few only saw the guidance and believed as a result.
The second point, the ambiyah were sent with was, that for the time they were sent, they dealt with the social injustice prevalent of the time. Take for instance, one prophet was sent to a nation whos social injustice that was prevalent was, not doing business dealings in the correct manner. Sometimes the wrong measurements were used, the right amount given etc. Whereas like lut (ali’his’salam) he was sent to a nation who were doing a filthy crime, never done before. He was instructed with dealing with that issue. The issue of homosexuality.
Now the question is what was the prophet (sallahu’alhi’wa’salam) sent to correct for the world right until the day of judgement?
If every prophet was sent with a goal and a positive trait in hand (although the prophets had loads) what about the prophet (sallahu’alhi’wa’salam)?
Is it that the muslims are weak and he was sent for that, so that they can be strong? No, this is not the case, as we see that most countries in the world are muslims countries. Only europe is christian, but mostly everywhere else, it is muslim lands, with the exception of some. Is is because we are weak military, economically? The answer again is no, as we see muslim countries have power, they have nuclear power, we even have the ability to lead the world. We have oil etc. inshaallah next time the answer will be given to its fullest. But, in brief, it is we have left the path of muhammad (sallahu’alhi’wa’salam ) – tareeqah Muhammadiyah.

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