The virtues of service to humanity (Biyan 12.04.10) – delievered in urdu.

Summary: In this weeks discourse the participants were reminded of the virtues of service to humanity. Not only in relation to the well being of worldly needs of others but more importantly the well being of a person in the hereafter. How will he/she be? Free from the fire or face the unbearable punishment? Examples were drawn on, to illustrate how the prophet (sallahu’alhi’wa’salam) had emphased on the importantance to spread the message of islam to others and also to the non practicing ones. Highlighting the fact how syyiduna abu bakr, and umar have a special link to the prophet (sallahu’alhi’wa’salam) and the reason why they had acheived the high ranks both in this world and the hereafter .
Please Note: The following is only notes made during the discourse and therefore not the full transcript of the discourse itself. For the complete discourse, please refer to the audio or the video on the appropiate website:

…creating the thirst, providing the solution.

Monday 12th April 2010.doc

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